A lot from a little

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You know it's good if Lenny is in it!

I recently saw a Jimmy Kimmel skit with Lenny Kravitz. Very funny.
Check it out!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dream a little dream for me...

I woke up this morning to apple turnovers and a happy husband! I'm one lucky girl!

Every Saturday morning for the past couple of weeks I have lifted myself out of bed and headed to Yonge/Eglinton for my blue light face treatment. Apparently this light is suppose to diminish the bacteria on the second layer of my skin and help the pimples disappear. I'm not that confident that this will work though. I've tried many different acne treatments and the only thing that worked was Acutane (which I'm not going on ever again as it has horrible side effects). So, I'm left with stupid topical and hippy solutions. Why can't my skin just get the memo that we aren't in 1994 anymore?

Enough about that!
I might be going for tea this afternoon. I also might be heading to Barrie for some fun with Myke's friends (who I like a lot!). In the meantime, I'm having fun just listening to Myke play his guitar and watching Schmaty cuddle the couch.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A lot has changed...I guess...

The following things have happened since my last post:

1. Rose and Noah had a baby girl! ADORABLE AVA!
2. Schmaty made the biggest poop ever!
3. I had to get my hair highlighted twice (the first time I looked like a zebra!)
4. I experienced blue light therapy (stupid acne!)
5. I saw "A Single Man" (loved it!)
6. I realized I have a few amazing friends in Toronto! Thanks guys!
7. I realized I'm really good at interviewing other people
8. I'm not that bad of a cook
9. I'm obsessed with cleaning bathrooms
10. Myke left me for North Bay. Stupid North Bay!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The definition of Dara

"Dara is absolutely the most amazing person you will probably ever meet! She has an interest in creative things and loves being nice to people. She is also in the state of incredible hottness."--The Urban Dictionary

Sooooooo true!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is that you?

Did you know...
A doppelgänger (About this sound pronunciation ) is the ghostly double of a living person, a sinister form of bilocation.

I recently watched a HIMYM episode about doppelgängers and I assumed it was a made up expression. Apparently, I was wrong. I'm not sure if I've ever met or seen my look-a-like, but I am sure that there are people out there who are as bizarre as I am! Anyways, people are posting their famous doppelgängers on facebook so I thought I'd share a pic of mine ;) Amy is way cuter than I am though.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Put these thoughts in order

The Opthamologist checked out my eye and said my problem was most likely linked to sinus trouble. So, I'll wait for my blood work results and then close the case of the hurt eye.

In other news, I'm trying to decide whether or not to drop my HR class. I've already miss one class due to health reasons and I'm about to miss another one due to a work commitment. I don't like being a quitter, but I'm not really sure if I can continue doing this if I'm busy with work stuff. Shouldn't my job come first? I do have to complete this certificate program before 2013 though. I guess I could always do a spring class.

I'm hating my upstairs neighbors more and more these days. They make it almost impossible for me to sleep in on the weekends and their stamping drives me CRAZY! Our lease ends on April 1st, so we might move out at that time. I've been looking at condos downtown and they are pretty amazing (and reasonable!). I guess I'll have to see what is available closer April.

Only a couple more weeks until Family Day. God, I love Canada!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Burping lavender!

I love taking it easy on the weekends.
I also love seeing family on the weekends. The only reason I insisted on moving back here was because of my family. I just feel so connected to them (even if I don't see them for weeks on end). I was lucky to be so close to so many people early in my life. I definitely value family because of this.

Things I hate: Reading boring HR books. I really want to finish my HR Management Certificate, but I really am not a school person. What to do...what to do...??

So, I have a medical predicament: My right eye has been hurting for the past 2-3 days and I'm not sure if it's just an ache or if it needs to be checked out. I'm sure people will recommend that I visit a Dr., but I hate waiting in line (i.e. 2-3 hours) to hear "you are fine. just take an Advil." Thoughts?